Union Statement regarding publication of Narrative Record on Fr Joseph Marmion SJ

Statement regarding publication of Narrative Record on Fr Joseph Marmion SJ

The Belvedere Union welcomes the publication of a narrative record of the abuse perpetrated by Fr Joseph Marmion SJ on students in Jesuit schools.

The narrative has been compiled on behalf of the Joint Past Pupils – Jesuit Steering Group, comprised of representatives of past pupils and of the Jesuit Order. A key objective of the group’s work was to have the experiences of past pupils who were abused by Fr Joseph Marmion SJ heard, acknowledged, and validated.

As a Union, we stand in solidarity with, and fully support, all victims of abuse and deeply regret that past pupils were not protected in this regard during their time in Belvedere or other Jesuit colleges.

We also sincerely respect the victims who have bravely spoken out about the abuse that they have suffered and encourage anyone else who may have been affected by any such abuse to seek the appropriate advice and assistance.

Anyone who has any concerns or who has suffered abuse at the hands of any Jesuit is urged to contact the Order’s Safeguarding Office by email at safeguarding@jesuit.ie or by phoning the helpline on 00 353 830874254. Those who do not wish to contact the Order directly, are advised to contact Tusla and/or the Gardai.

For more information and contacts for other support services, please see here.

The Belvedere College SJ response can be viewed here.

The Jesuit’s response can separately be viewed here.